Workouts for women

Hi and welcome to the site dedicated to workouts for women!   There are far too many fitness and muscle sites with over sized neanderthals constantly talking about workouts that will never get results because you need a hell of a lot of you know what to get any kind of results! Oh the how I feel sorry for the unassuming average guy looking to beef up!  Well ladies let me build this site slowly but surely each month with some cool ass videos from the net and some good content specifically for us girlies who do have a bit of a difference with what we can build muscle wise so lets make it real! I have some special gym moves you should check out for a killer ass!

Gonna talk about running, lots of gym workouts which will include weights, circuits, core stuff and the rest and of, course our fav good old yoga.  I do like cycling and I have to admit I am a rubbish swimmer so if I don’t have much on that you know why!  I must get over this thing.

Hope this site inspires you all to get active keep fit and look great – JUST FOR US ! 

love Nancy x